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2012 rzr 800s dash light problem

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I just got a 2012 800s the check engine is on and I have rode it for a few days but it’s just bugging me anyway it’s 0520207-5 which is awd ground open I checked the wire running to the diff and it’s to some random light bar switch I follow the switch to the awd to the diff and it goes through the harness and there is 2 wire’s hanging out of the harness that are cut so I’m assuming those are to the diff does anyone know the colors of the wires running to the diff before the connector changes the color of them or could someone look and take a picture for me also the awd works so I’m stumped
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My guess is the previous owner had an issue with the awd. And bypassed the oem wire harness to get the awd to work. By doing that it takes the ecu out of the equation. Which will not let the diff engage if the engine rpm is over 3300. The ecu uses a ground to activate the magnet in the diff to engage it. So without fixing the oem wire harness you will continue to have the error code.
The way it is setup from the factory, the diff should have 12v going to it anytime the key is on. The awd switch is a ground, that signals the ecu to send a ground to the diff. So the previous owner may have had an issue with getting 12v at the diff or getting a ground at the diff. I can't say which.
And for the wire colors the plug from the harness to the diff should be a brown wire with white stripe and a red wire with dark orange stripe. The red should be 12v its power should come from the drive fuse in the fuse box under the dash. The diif must have at least 11v in order to work.
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