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I know this might be a crazy question, but once again, before I buy, I'm really trying to make the "right" decision! I think I still have the option of buying either a 2012 RZR 570 for $8900, Or a 2012 RZR 800 S LE for $12040.
Money Is an issue! With that being said, I read that people spend a couple thousand after the initial purchase.
So with the S, It would already have better tires, better seats, better paint and I think the LE has the FOX Shocks?
All of this sounds great and they look cool as shit.
If I get the RZR 570, I think I can get the stock tires from a 800 for around $300 off CL. I'd still need shocks and the plastic supposedly doesn't hold up like the paint?
The dilemma for me is the extra $3k!
The RZR 570 seems to be the "future" with almost as much power.
Ground clearance on the 570 want be as good as the 800 S LE.
The problems I've read about the 800 getting dust in the engine? Heat in the bed.
So once again, I ask the question. Is this a case where you "pay me now or pay me later" and just get the 800 S LE, or have people truly been happy enough with the stock 570 with aftermarket tires that they don't regret the purchase?
I'll still have to title it and pay taxes, so It will actually be more than the above prices, but these are otd at the dealers.
Thanks again for any help in this hard decision...
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