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I don't know if this has been covered on here yet but I had a fellow member ask me how I instaled the 2012 bumper on my 08 rzr. I thought while I was going to explain it, I may as well post it here for other members also.
First off I have an 08 rzr and I bought new plastic that fit an 08 to 2010. as you can see by the pictures I am using the newer 2010 hood. I beleive that you have to use this hood for the 2012 bumper. I did this mod awhile ago and I didn't take pictures while I did it, so I hope I can remember exactly what I did.
I beleive on the 2012 rzr's there are three sets of bumper mounts, lower, middle, and upper. On my 08 there was only two sets, the lower and the middle. I just used the lower and middle to mount the 2012 bumper. The honey comb grill section on the 2012 is set back a bit more than the older models. This casued a modification to the middle set of mount tabs. These tabs are also attached to the bottom radiator mount. The lower mounts bolt right up.
I cut the the middle bumper mount tabs off of the rad mount. These are cut off leaving the peice between the tabs in tact. This keeps the center to center dimention of the mount tabs. I then made two, 3/4" long spacer out of 3/4" diameter aluminum round bar and drilled a hole in the center, length wise large enough for the mounting screw, 1/4" I think. I then bolted the tabs with spacer to the grill and installed the grill using the 2 lower mounts. I can't remember if I had to do a bit of bending of the middle tabs to line up for a good weld or not, but if I did it was just a small amount. You can use your own discression here. Once I was happy with the way they lined up, I then installed all of the plastic rivets that attaches the grill to the body plastic. I then tack welded the tabs to the bottom radiator mount, pulled everything apart again welded the tabs solid, painted, and instaled everything again. The only thing that this mod does is move the middlt mount tab back about 3/4 of an inch. It is a simple mod the makes an older rzr look way better.
Here are some pict with explinations.

The finished product

the tabs with the spacers installed. picture taken from the front

The same tab and spacer taken from the front wheel well (back side)

It's hard to see but you can see where I welded the middle mount tabs to the bottom rad mount.

This picture of the tabs was taken from above, looking down infront of the radiator
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