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2011 rzr-s wheels and tires

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any interest? 3-4 miles on these, brand new. bighorns and flat black oem wheels. View attachment 20586
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to da top!
What is the best deal you can do with wheels and tires and we could meet half way?
600 meet in yakima.
monday bump!
Do you still have the wheels and tires??

I want them ASAP!!!

Can you ship to 92231????
yes i can ship, but it will cost a lot!
I want the tires and wheels...

Can you ship Calexico Ca. 92231
yes for the second time, gonna cost ya!
I can do $500 and pick them up. Let me know.
i will meet halfway, $550. let me know asap as i have a few interested people.
in or out?
Mark, Out at the moment. I am trying to sell some stuff. And then I will be in. If you still have them when I get ride of a bike I am trying to sell I will come on down. Thanks. Are you the same guy that put a power commander on and a auto tune??
not me, i am in no hurry to sell them. i just want black/orange beadlocks!
are you local?
let me know!
yes, i still have them.
21 - 40 of 46 Posts