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2011 RZR-S Current Pricing

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I have been checking all around my area and prices have been steady. $12,499 on stock indy-red machine and $1,350 for a 60-month extended warranty. With Missouri taxes added it runs $$14,900 out the door.

Since the 2011 models are not carrying any rebates... Dang! I am curious to hear what they are running else where.

I am working on a cash deal and hope to get it on my trailer for $14,400 or better. Anybody else seeing deals out there?
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I got mine in Texas for 13,200 OTD..11 carbon fiber s le in nov 10...if the ahole would have even hinted about the xp would have put my down payment as deposit..oh well..I still love this thing it's an absolute blast
I sat in the Honda dealership in Anchorage dealing back and forth for most of my day. I could see the sales manager from where I was sitting yet every decision took 45 minutes. We were at $14,700 with a Polaris winch on a 2011 black carbon fibre LE (Rzr S). The problem here is they're going to sell it to someone up here so they don't care if it's me or the next guy. Especially a limited model. So finally she wouldn't come down to $14,600 for me or was wasting my time again deciding. I got smart, went to lunch and called EVERY dealer with an LE and told them I'd buy today if they'd beat that price. One dealer said he would meet the price. The dealer closer to my house said he'd do a Warn winch (better he said) for $14,700 and give me 15% off all parts purchases. (spent $1500 already on parts)

So after realizing what I would save in gas money/time going to the closest dealer and knowing how much I'd save on parts I pulled the trigger. The other dealer complained that they weren't making but $200 on the machine. I told them they shouldn't play games and should have considered the parts I would buy eventually would add up given the mark up.

So don't beat me up too much on my deal, ha, ha. It's Alaska and unfortunately the dealers can dick us around some due to the location and limited availability.

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121 - 122 of 122 Posts
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