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2011 RZR-S Current Pricing

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I have been checking all around my area and prices have been steady. $12,499 on stock indy-red machine and $1,350 for a 60-month extended warranty. With Missouri taxes added it runs $$14,900 out the door.

Since the 2011 models are not carrying any rebates... Dang! I am curious to hear what they are running else where.

I am working on a cash deal and hope to get it on my trailer for $14,400 or better. Anybody else seeing deals out there?
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I will sell you my brand new 2011 carbon fiber black Razor S for that price, comes with a lock and ride trunk too ! I am in Southern Ca , I could have it shipped anywhere from $ 300 to $ 500 if needed . PM me if interested . M
1 - 2 of 122 Posts
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