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2011 HID replacements

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Just picked up my '11 today...
Anyone know if the 2010 light sockets are the same on the 2011's. I had them in my 2010 when it was stolen, and am now looking to add them to my 2011...If they aren't the same, where could I get some that'll work?

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Isn't there single beam H13 bulbs? I ordered the 880s too. If I get single H13, Im sure I will lose the Hi beam.
is there a big difference over hi and lo? Im sure just the improvement over stock output is gonna be good enuf for me. Im not gonna do a lot of night riding.
I think with the pains of the extra wiring, I'm gonna just go with the single beams. and then add a set of baja lights to the front bumper if I need it.
I'll let you know soon.
Dammit man! WTH? that looks a lil difficult to figure out. Just how hard was it?
1 - 5 of 59 Posts
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