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2011 HID replacements

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Just picked up my '11 today...
Anyone know if the 2010 light sockets are the same on the 2011's. I had them in my 2010 when it was stolen, and am now looking to add them to my 2011...If they aren't the same, where could I get some that'll work?

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RZR-S-Cruzer and me just put a set of DDM dual beam HID set on his 2011 RZR-s. It is vey confusing and has alot of wires, nothing like the DDM set I put on my 2010 RZR-s. The dual beam bulb uses a solenoid that makes the bulb push in and out for the different high\low beam angles. The kit will plug into "one" of your factory plugs and the other factory plug doesn't get used. You will also have to run extra power and grounds with the kit. We went directly to the battery with his. The ballast are slim and small and the wire has an additional block on it (no idea what it is) that is about an inch or so square. Be sure to lay it all out and know what your doing before you get started. Good luck with the project.
What a bummer I was looking foward to an easy install.
Has anybody gone with the 55w hid kits? I read on ddm's site that the 55w are not recomended for small light housings.. Any problems with the bulbs getting too hot? I dont know to go with the 55 or 35
Other people on the forum claim no problems with 55w. I can't personally speak from experience, but I plan to go with 55w when I purchase a set. I have a 2011 so I'm still on the fence of whether to get the single beam or the HI/LOW kit.
1 - 2 of 59 Posts
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