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hey guys, i have an 09 Sunset Red LE. i bought it new last august. i have been the only one to ride it and it has to go. :sad: it is probably not even broke in good yet. work has been real slow and this is the first casualty.

38 hours
288 miles
vinyl top
emp windshield with quick disconnect
LTE duals
LTE fuel programmer
S&S intake
Dunertunes 400watt system with 6x9 upgrade
shifter handle is a 4 bore rifle cartridge.

finance company has the title but will be no problem getting it. i am starting at 9,800. you can see the extras it has are all quality products. it does have a few nicks from rocks and bushes but is overall very very good condition. if anyone is seriously interested i will post pics. ( i know, i know. post is worthless without them)
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