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  1. RZR XP Turbo S
    2019 Turbo S Velocity with less than 400 miles. Brand new in Jan 2020 but sat until 4 weeks ago due to covid and not being able.to.teavel.back to Canada. I notice clunking from the Walker Evans shocks. Seems to almost go away when all 4 turned to firm. If I turn them to soft, the shocks clank...
  2. RZR XP 4 Turbo
    My 2019 RZR Turbo check engine light is coming on and it displays a 4-91-1 code. I have changed the belt, brake pressure switch, gas pedal, and reset the computer. the check engine light will go on and off sporadically, I notice when in low it will throw the code sooner and go into limp mode...
  3. General RZR Discussion
    Hey guys! So long story short, when I got my RZR XPT 2016. I went riding with some friends and notice i was getting water in my clutches And I wanted to get snorkels but they were actually a little bit pricey tbh. then i started watching some YouTube vids and made myself some snorkel that...
  4. Parts For Sale - Southwest / Arizona
    I have a KSH locking box with tire mount lid, looking to go a different route. Box is 515 or 525 brand new with a 10 week wait. Or buy this used one and skip the wait. Had it about 8 months. All aluminum construction never had an issue with it. 350 OBO Also have an orange hood looking to trade...
    $350 USD
  5. RZR Pro-XP
    I just picked up my 2022 RZR Pro XP a couple days ago, loaded it down with accessories and had it out today for the first time. Have to say I am very impressed the machine is built very well and functions great. 181hp is a huge upgrade from an 800S it really likes to get sideways :D Curious if...
  6. RZR XP Turbo
    My 2016 XP Turbo has always had a clank sound whenever I am on the brakes and on bumpy terrain. Lately it seems to be worse and happening more often. I'll be flying down a trail and then have to slam on my brakes and I'll hear this clanking sound when the machine is bouncing around. In the video...
  7. RZR XP Turbo
    I finally got to a project I have been wanting to do for a while. I like the idea of a selectable exhaust and this is what I came up with. Reversing polarity momentary rocker will be used to control it. Heres before and after sound: <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" title="YouTube video...
  8. Sold Turbo S

    Polaris RZRs For Sale
    2018 RZR Turbo S Dynamix 2 seat TMW Dune edition cage. TMW doors. Rigid light bar and chase light. TMW rear trunk cover. Dynamix with Ride Command. Boondocker big turbo setup with Boondocker clutch kit, Double Down exhaust and stage 3 tune. Extremely reliable 210 HP Paddles and whips included...
    $33,000 USD
  9. General RZR Discussion
    Hello, I’ve got a 2018 xp1000 and was told the a arms were from a high lifter, i recently snapped the RF upper and need a replacement. Was curious if anyone knew if the turbos were the same as the highlighter as I can’t find highlighter arms.
  10. RZR XP Turbo
    Hi, I have a 2018 turbo xp. When it starts sounds fine. As soon as I give it gas I hear a knock. I’m thinking a rod knock but looking for ideas and suggestions to try first. Thanks in advance!
  11. Member Introductions
    I have a 2019 rzr 1000 turbo. With 50 hours on it. Just noticed that the turbo get red hot glowing. Everyone is telling me it’s normal. I took the converter out but still gets red hot but not as bad. Temp stays from 175 to 195. And runs perfect. Just want several more opinions. Thanks for...
  12. Desertcraft / Desert Molding Concepts
    If you want consistently cooler belt temperatures over a broad range then our CVT "Blaster" for the RZR Turbo models is worth a look. Our kits are configured to cover all turbo models based on cover design and year. These include 2016-2018 RZR Turbo, 2019 Turbo, and Turbo "S" and the new ProXP...
  13. RZR XP Turbo
    OK so I have a crazy question we have a 2016 polaris rzr 1000 xp turbo we rode all weekend with NO issues then washed it on sunday night. Took it out on monday hit 60 mph then it sounds like we popped the belt and the machine shut off. We fired it back up and then we hear a knocking noise (which...
  14. Forced Induction
    Looking for anyone who has tuned these 800 rzr motors for boost. 2014 rzr 800 S, turbo off of a 2019 turbo S, Canam X3 intercooler. AFR gauge installed with a PV3 tuner using the power core software to tune. This is my first time ever doing any kind of tuning. Been doing alot of reading on...
  15. RZR XP Turbo
    Selling a like new pair of 2019 Polaris RZR XP Turbo LE Seats. Let me know if your interested. $250 for the pair.
  16. RZRForums Members' Rides
    Our factory racer Adrian Orellana with a full send on his day off.
  17. RZR XP 4 Turbo
    Can anyone tell me what my torque spec should be for the mounting bolt on my secondary and primary clutch? I have seen a few different numbers from previous forms and everything seems to be different. Thank you!
  18. RZR XP Turbo
    Just curious, anyone ever have an issue with this blowing off? As in, the nipple (what I'm calling it) was stuck in the hose and the main housing came off from it. However, this is supposed to be one piece. Had to put some JB Weld on it and let it sit for a day, and then was able to put it...
  19. RZR XP Turbo
    I know it has probably been discussed a million times, but from what I have seen, I've tried everything that I have found online and in these forums. 2016 RZR XPT throwing misfire codes. Brand new motor, and Aftermarket Assassins Water Cooled Turbo. Have changed out spark plugs, injectors...
  20. Polaris RZR Parts For Sale
    I have performance SxS bushings for a 14-16 1k or turbo. Or 900s. They were shipped to me by mistake. 100 shipped. PM for pics or any if you have a y questions.
1-20 of 177 Results