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  1. Engine Swaps
    hi guys i have a 2018 rzr turbo that motor just started making bearing noise. i can get a complete xp pro motor trans and diff for a decent price. wondering if anyone has done this swap and if so what all do i need to replace ? im thinking harness and ecu maybe.
  2. RZR XP Turbo S
    Looking for guidance. Backed into something and my rear camera wires got ripped out. I disconnected the old one and replaced it with a new OEM camera (plug and play) and I still don't have a picture. I also purchased a front camera (plug and play) to add while I was at it and it reacts the...
  3. Sold Turbo S

    RZR For Sale - Southwest / Arizona
    2018 RZR Turbo S Dynamix 2 seat TMW Dune edition cage. TMW doors. Rigid light bar and chase light. TMW rear trunk cover. Dynamix with Ride Command. Boondocker big turbo setup with Boondocker clutch kit, Double Down exhaust and stage 3 tune. EVO charge tubes and blow off valve. Extremely reliable...
    $33,000 USD
  4. RZR XP Turbo S
    Noticed we are having serious problems when shifting into or out of gear. Machine has to be turned off, shift, and turned back on. It’s. 2021 Turbo S No accidents, or issues prior to this. It’s like it happened over night Any recommendations?
  5. RZR XP Turbo S
    My 2019 Rzr Turbo S primary clutch squeals like a pig at idle, and then once I give it gas and reach about 5-10mph it goes away. I have read all the articles on here (I think) about others with this issue. The main difference between my issue and other issues is that the other folks I have found...
  6. Sold Turbo S

    Polaris RZRs For Sale
    2018 RZR Turbo S Dynamix 2 seat TMW Dune edition cage. TMW doors. Rigid light bar and chase light. TMW rear trunk cover. Dynamix with Ride Command. Boondocker big turbo setup with Boondocker clutch kit, Double Down exhaust and stage 3 tune. Extremely reliable 210 HP Paddles and whips included...
    $33,000 USD
  7. RZR XP Turbo S
    I purchased a set of the high clearance radius rods because I needed the adjustability. I will tell you what, I was not disappointed. These things are amazing, easy to install and adjust and they give me the extra clearance I need. Not to mention they got to my house in two days! And this was...
  8. RZR XP Turbo S
    So I'm brand new here and I might be picking up a new 2021 Turbo S Dynamics so I'm trying to get everything figured out beforehand. Is there anyone who makes framed upper doors for after market cages. In fact is there anyone who even makes them for factory cages. Ive been having issues finding...
  9. Polaris RZR Parts For Sale
    I have (5) RZR Turbo S rims and tires for sale. (1) is a brand new spare. Other (4) are used, all in excellent condtion no holes, patches, tears, rips, etc. $250 each for the used $300 for the new OBO. Located in Las vegas, No shipping
  10. RZR XP Turbo S
    My 2019 Turbo S getting a misfire cylinder 2 code. I’ve started with the basics swapping and replacing plugs and using known good coils. Stays on cylinder 2. Swapped injectors misfire travels to cylinder 1. I’ve installed new injectors on 1&2. Misfire goes away for 5 to 10 minutes then goes...
  11. RZR XP Turbo S
    Tried searching to find anything but no luck. Anyone upgrade the Turbo S radiator? If so what brand? Have a customer with a 19 xp4ts with an over heating issue. Went through everything. Will only over heat under heavy load. Everything has been covered and them some with exception in the polaris...
  12. General RZR Discussion
    Noticed some weird air bubbles show up in my ride command screen on my 2019 Turbo S. Anyone else had this happen to theirs? Looks like air bubbles. I attached a couple pictures for reference. Any info would be appreciated!
  13. RZR XP Turbo S
    Ok, so I have searched for sometime now and have not found a solution or cause of my clunk. I have replaced both rear bearings, axels, trailing arm bushings, replaced rear radius rod uni-balls, disconnected rear sway bar, and checked the shock bushings. The clunk happens mostly when backing up...
  14. RZR XP Turbo S
    The time has come for me to put my 2 seater Turbo S up for sale to make way for my 2021 Turbo S 4 which is supposed to be shipping in November (holding my breath...) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is a...
  15. RZR XP Turbo S
    2021 rzr turbo s 4 onyx black Here we go guys just wanna share my project with you. Took me about two weekends but got it together. To start out a list of parts, superatv 6” lift kit Superatv flip out windshield Superatv ball joints 300m Superatv frame stiffener Highlifters 6” portals dual...
  16. RZR XP Turbo S
    I have a 2019 Turbo S dynamix. I am having trouble finding a good heater that will work with the ssv works subwoofer and amp setup as well as the Dynamix module. I ordered the inferno model 134 only to find that the Dynamix module was in the way. Has anyone else had this issue? Talked with...
  17. Member Introductions
    Just wanted to say what’s up. I just broke down and started ordering parts for my 21 rzr turbo s 4 got some 46” bkt on 24” Msa portal wheels HL 6” boxes with 60% reduction. I’m in the process of getting all supporting parts from superatv hoping they will shoot me a discount code, lol but if not...
  18. RZR XP 1000
    Found a good deal on turbo s shocks. Question is will they fit on my 2015 xp 1000? I found that all xpt and xp1k seem to be interchangeable but no info on the turbo s?
  19. RZR XP Turbo S
    Has anyone ever replaced the stock door speakers with a aftermarket speaker. TIA
  20. General RZR Discussion
    Hello, I have a turbo S 4 on order. Just wondering your guys thoughts on the 72 in wide on trails in Eastern ky or Tn. thank you
1-20 of 48 Results