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  1. RZR Turbo R
    I just swapped the stock tires out for some 35” KM3 and Method wheels. First time driving it around, I’ve noticed that the rear tires screech and leave rubber marks when making pretty standard turns into parking stalls or corners. Is this normal? Something to be worried about? If so, what needs...
  2. Parts For Sale - Upper Midwest
    Wrong size for us. May have 10 Miles on them
    $800 USD
  3. RZR XP 4 1000
    I have been researching tire sizes and it seems like a totally different language to me! I would like to get some DOT approved tired for my 2015 RZR xp4 1000 eps, but am having trouble finding the correct size. some google searching has lead me to the following statement: "According to the...
  4. Wheels and Tires
    Hey guys, new to the forum and hoping to get all your expert opinions. I am looking at upgrading the tires on my 2022 RZR Trail S1000 to something a little bigger, but I also don't want to get into having to add a clutch kit. Can I go up 2" from my stock 27" tires without having to add a clutch...
  5. RZR Pro-XP
    Hey y'all, I've decided I don't like the 18" rims/tires that the dealer put on my ride. I prefer a combo that'd be better for crawling and trail riding. Seems like my current set up is more for dunes and higher speed. I currently have msa brute beadlock 18's with EFX motohammer 33's. I want...
  6. Parts For Sale - Midwest / Texas
    4 - 30x10x14 2022 RZR PRO tires and wheels, Maxis Carnivore ll ML12 8ply on RZR PRO wheels 4/156. $900 Canon City, CO. 720 4174356
    $900 USD
  7. Polaris RZR Parts For Sale
    I have (5) RZR Turbo S rims and tires for sale. (1) is a brand new spare. Other (4) are used, all in excellent condtion no holes, patches, tears, rips, etc. $250 each for the used $300 for the new OBO. Located in Las vegas, No shipping
  8. Wheels and Tires
    Reason I'm looking for a 33in tall tire is if I get a 32x10x14 the tires only 31.5 tall on the rim if that so I'd like to get the tallest i can without going to say a 35 L0L I'm running 30x10x14 carnivores now an I don't think the 32x10x14's are much taller on the rim !! Looking for...
  9. General RZR Discussion
    I am new with all of this stuff, but I am waiting on my '21 xp 4 1000 to be delivered and I have already ordered 32x10x14 tires. I was planning on trying to put them on the stock wheels, but the more I think about it I am wanting to get some bead lock wheels. My question is would my 32x10x14...
  10. RZR XP 4 1000
    I have a 2021 RZR XP4 1000. Where I live in the Wasatch Mountain range I have a ton of dirt trails which is mostly what I drive, but I'm also street legal and do 50% of my time on asphalt to get to the trails, run errands, or go up canyons. I'm considering switching out my stock tires and wheels...
  11. RZR Pro-XP
    Specs for the Pro Runner tires are limited and they won't be available until later this month but the pro armor site states these weigh in at 38lbs. I don't have much experience with Pro Armor as a company but didn't wasn't to rule these out especially at this weight. I've been debating weather...
  12. General RZR Discussion
    Hey RZR community! I'm fairly new to this forum and the RZR community as a whole. Seems like theres a lot of knowledge on this forum and I would like to pick your brain for a second. I purchased a 2020 RZR turbo s XP4 back when the pandemic first shut us down as a way to keep busy and have some...
  13. General RZR Discussion
    Full set of GMZ Sand Strippers 28x14 for sale. Tires only, used for 2 rides at the dunes. Nothing wrong with them I just got a good deal with rims, but they're a little small for my machine.
  14. General RZR Discussion
    So wife bought me tusk bead lock wheels mounted with sand tires for my b-day. I love the rims and want to run them all the time they are tusk bead locks. Front is 32x10x15 rear is 32x12x15. Is anyone else using this size rims to run all terrain tires (UTV or DOT). I have looked and can find...
  15. Parts For Sale - Upper Midwest
    I've got a set of (4) Method 401 15" Beadlock Black (4+3) Wheels 30" Regulator Tires for sale. They are brand new and have never been used. Reason I'm selling them is because the offset prevents my 2015 RZR 1000 XP from fitting inside of my enclosed trailer. I will attach the original link I...
  16. General RZR Discussion
    Looking for a set of 30” tires for my rzr. I ride a lot of trails but road ride some too. Looking for a good tire of rocks and trails. Never really get into too deep of mud
  17. General RZR Discussion
    Was browsing Michelin tires website, looking to see if they offered any UTV tires (recently just bought some Cooper A/T's for my wife Ford Explorer, Cooper owned by Michelin out of Greenville South Carolina) and the Cooper Discoverer A/T's seem like solid, well built tires with massive tread...
  18. Wheels and Tires
    I picked up a set of @SuperATV XT Warriors recently and just got a chance to get them mounted up over the weekend. I didn't have time to take them out for a ride just yet, but I wanted to get this thread started to put the info out there for anyone interested. I normally put all my opinions and...
  19. RZR XP 1000
    Hi All, New here, but joined a while ago. With other household activities, havent really been to active. However, I was hoping you all, the pros, could help me out. There are a ton of posts about the needs for clutching when going UP in tire size, however, for racing, I'm looking to drop in...
  20. RZR 800 Specific Discussion
    I have a 2012 RZR 800s LE. I am looking for a set of new tires I have stock rims. Best bang for the buck? Not trying to spend a ton of money, but want something that will hold up to abuse. Opinions?
1-20 of 165 Results