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  1. RZR XP 1000
    Hey everyone, looking to add a spare to my RZR, I am currently running the stock Maxxis Bighorns. Two questions: 1. what size spare should I carry? I'm thinking a front tire as I could use on either front or back to get home? 2. what is the most convenient way to carry the tire so that I can get...
  2. RZR 570 Specific Discussion
    Im looking to upgrade my stock tires for my 2018 Polaris rzr 570. Wondering what the max tire size I can do? 26in or 27in? Without causing rubbing anywhere Thanks
  3. Wheels and Tires
    I have a 2019 XPT 4 and 99% of my riding is in the desert(hard pack, hills, rocks, sand). Looking for a tire that would perform well in those conditions and not rob me of power or cause steering issues. What 32 in tire would you recommend??
  4. Want to Buy
    Looking for a stock set of wheels and tires for a RZR Pro XP. I am located in Jacksonville, FL and traveling to ride near Bluefield, WV in two weeks, so could pick up if you are on the way. Please PM what you have available. Thank you, Cannon
  5. Team FAS Motorsports
    We just got the K9 ray Super Grip loaded up one our website. This is one of the hottest tires buzzing around the facebook groups and we get calls for them daily. Check them out: http://teamfasmotorsports-com.3dcartstores.com/K9-Tire-by-Super-Grip_p_1896.html
  6. General RZR Discussion
    Was browsing Michelin tires website, looking to see if they offered any UTV tires (recently just bought some Cooper A/T's for my wife Ford Explorer, Cooper owned by Michelin out of Greenville South Carolina) and the Cooper Discoverer A/T's seem like solid, well built tires with massive tread...
  7. Brick City Fabrications LLC
    Here is a couple of builds we've released within the past month or 2 . Please let us know if theirs anything we can help with.
  8. Wheels and Tires
    I've seen quite a few posts about tire sizing and people asking what measures true to size, and what doesn't, and one thing that drives me insane is how tire companies can't seem to make a tire it's actual size in the SXS world especially. so I thought it might be a useful idea to start a thread...
  9. Brick City Fabrications LLC
    https://www.brickcityfab-az.com/collections/polaris-rzr/products/turbo-s-4-and-xp1k4-2014-2019-mpb-sport-cage RZR XP1K4/S4 MID MPB sport cage with single stage powder 60% semigloss or flat powder coat And bead rolled aluminum roof $2250 plus shipping Standard: •Cage (DOM .095 wall 1.75"...
  10. Want to Buy
    It would be even better if it came with the factory dirt commander tire.
  11. RZR XP 4 Turbo
    Looking for some thoughts on what this noise is. I am leaning towards wheel bearing, but will 200 miles on the machine I'd like to believe Polaris parts aren't this bad so quickly. If this is a wheel bearing, is this something that Polaris will warranty even though we have now swapped out the...
  12. Brick City Fabrications LLC
    RZRXP1K4 sport cage 60% single stage semigloss powder coat or flat powder coat And aluminum roof $2150 Price includes •Cage (DOM .095 wall 1.75" round steel tube) •MIG Welded standard •Roof (5052 .060 bead rolled aluminum) •Pro werks tabs and fasteners •2 .250" thk whip tabs • Mirror bung...
  13. Brick City Fabrications LLC
    RZRXP1K4 sport cage 60% semigloss powder coat or flat powder coat And aluminum roof Price includes •Cage (DOM .095 wall 1.75" round steel tube) •MIG Welded standard •Roof (5052 .060 bead rolled aluminum) •Pro werks tabs and fasteners •2 .250" thk whip tabs • Mirror bung •1.75x.095 DOM window...
  14. RZR XP 1000
    I have a 17 XP1K and I want to run 32 inch tires with after market wheels, but I am still stuck on what offset to run with the new wheels. Yes I have red the posts that say the 5+2 is the best offset as far as maintaining ride and geometry. What I want to hear from you is if you are running...
  15. Wheels and Tires
    First off I would like to introduce myself as a new member, lots of awesome rides on here and inspiring to say the least. I just picked up a 2018 RZR Xp4 Turbo Fox Edition yesterday and I am looking for some good advice on wheel and tire selection so I can start on my own build. I am running...
  16. General RZR Discussion
    Adventure Rack Garden Grove, CA — Assault Industries introduces the Adventure Rack The Assault Industries Adventure Rack, formerly known as the spare tire rack, has been completely redesigned to be one of the most utilitarian products we’ve ever made! The original spare tire rack was a...
  17. UTV Family
    Mob Armor cage mount cell phone holder. $140 and 28 Entries to win a RZR. FREE Shipping. Comes in 3 color options and 2 sizes for big and small phones. https://www.utvfamily.com/collections/mob-armor This will replace the Go Pro, and GPS This combo includes the following Cage...
  18. UTV Family
    I'm curious who has got entered into winning this RZR Giveaway or if anyone on here has. 20 days left and there is no risk to enter. Every $5 spent on our website gets you entered. Buy a $20.00 shirt and you get 4 entries. https://www.utvfamily.com/
  19. UTV Family
    We had the Giveaway RZR locked up this weekend. Soon it will have a new owner and be able to get out for the fun weekends. https://www.utvfamily.com/
1-20 of 47 Results