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  1. RZR XP Turbo S
    2019 Turbo S Velocity with less than 400 miles. Brand new in Jan 2020 but sat until 4 weeks ago due to covid and not being able.to.teavel.back to Canada. I notice clunking from the Walker Evans shocks. Seems to almost go away when all 4 turned to firm. If I turn them to soft, the shocks clank...
  2. General RZR Discussion
    Hello, Based on the trails and speeds we enjoy, I'd like to soften the suspension some, but I have a couple questions. Maybe I'm just blind, or suck at googling, but I can't find a lot of information on the scale of the adjustment knob, or any recommendations/best practices. For example, my...
  3. Parts For Sale - Southwest / Arizona
    SPG - 290#, 14.48FL, 3.04. PII Polaris RZR Pro XP: 4 Full Springs for front, 4 for back. 4 tender springs for front and back. Only used for about 175-200 miles. Pickup only.
    $175 USD
  4. Suspension
    Alrighty, got my 2021 XP Turbo 2 seater setup for ice racing, first race last weekend - I'm hooked! My main take away is that the body roll is craaazzyy on OE Walker Evans - I want to see what I can do to stiffen her up safely without breaking the bank [further]. When I invest in a full...
  5. RZR XP 1000
    So long story short I switched to SATV forward A-arms to gain more clearance for my 32" Zilla's. Instead of running the steering stops that came with the arms I am running 1.5" wheel spacers so I can keep my full turning radius and not rub the inside wall of the tire on the arm at full droop and...
  6. RZRForums Members' Rides
    Night vibes in Sand Hollow
  7. RZRForums Members' Rides
    Beach day :cool:
  8. RZRForums Members' Rides
    Our factory racer Adrian Orellana with a full send on his day off.
  9. Assault Industries
    Fits Polaris RZR Pro XP (64") Improved Strength and Rigidity over OEM Direct Bolt-on Replacement Heavy duty adjustable Chromoly Heim Joints High grade machined billet aluminum Hard Anodized Finish Laser engraved markings Made in the USA Check it out HERE and use discount code RZRF2020 at checkout!
  10. General RZR Discussion
    Forum only discount: RZRF2020 👉 www.assaultind.com 👈
  11. RZR XP 1000
    Friends - relative newbie needs your guidance. I am not a believer in asking "what is the best..." because each of us uses our machine differently and values different qualities. I do however need to purchase a set of rear radius arms and would appreciate your guidance. So here is a little bit...
  12. RZR 900 - 50'' Trail Models
    I have a 2020 900 Trail Fox edition. While out on the first two rides I received feedback from folks I am with that I need to get more ground clearance. So, I reckon I'll start that with new tires once I get some more miles on these original ones. I've just spent over an hour reading the 'tire'...
  13. Parts For Sale - Northeastern U.S.
    Looking for a suspension upgrade for my 50” Rzr. Either aftermarket shocks for the 50” or the parts to go to Rzr s setup.
  14. RZR 800 Specific Discussion
    Hello everyone, I am looking for some advise on a suspension upgrade for my 2011 Rzr 800 trail. I found a set of fox podiums for a gen2 renegade. Rough measurements for the podiums are: Front eye to eye - 18 1/2” Rear eye to eye - 19 3/4 Aside from spring rates etc will these shocks fit or...
  15. RZR Pro-XP
    Assault Industries heavy duty barrel sway bar end links for Polaris RZR Pro XP are lightweight, rugged and fully adjustable. These end links are designed to replace the more flimsy OEM units and provide improved handling. Integrating a high degree of adjustability enables you to dial in the...
  16. General RZR Discussion
    Our 18% discount ends in 4 days (05/31/20)! Head over to the site and enter code STAYSTRONG at checkout. Don't miss out! Polaris RZR
  17. General RZR Discussion
    We are offering 18% off everything on our site through 04/15 with discount code STAYSTRONG! We have mirrors, doors, bumpers, steering wheels, clamping solutions, tool kits, suspension components, and much more! Check it out --> Assault Industries | Performance UTV Accessories
  18. Member Introductions
    What’s up fellow adrenaline junkies? Please allow me to present the new love of my life. 2018 4 Turbo-Gibson exhaust, aftermarket clutch, stage 4 tune w/ intake upgrades 205hp 95 octane 0-dangerous in 1 second pissed off demon. Count me among those of you mortgaging your family’s future for...
  19. General RZR Discussion
    We are running an 18% disoucount through 04/15 with discount code STAYSTRONG! We manufacture high performance UTV parts and accessories. Radius rods, tie rods, sway bar links, bumpers, doors, clamping solutions, steering wheels, and much more! Check it out >>> WWW.ASSAULTIND.COM
1-20 of 137 Results