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  1. Wheels and Tires
    Anyone ran 9inch wide tires on rear 14x9inch wide wheels? I have 29x11 tires on them now and am aiming to be skinnier To prevent rub on frame
  2. RZR 800 Specific Discussion
    Hi everyone! Recently, I’ve faced a problem of oil consumption on my rzr 2008. With high oil consumption I’ve driven about 200km, constantly adding it every 50 km. Today I’ve opened airbox cover and saw a puddle of oil there. Filter seems to be fine. I think it can be a PCV valve failure. Or...
  3. RZR 800 Specific Discussion
    Hi everyone. I am going to assemble Polaris 3500 winch but can’t do it as one of the springs is lost. What can be a replacement for this spring? or where can I buy oem spring? The problem is that I even haven’t found parts diagram for this winch Thanks for any feedback
  4. RZR 800 Specific Discussion
    Hi everyone. I noticed quite strong play on front diff shaft near the gearbox. See the video: Is it okay? If no, what should I do to reduce the play?
  5. RZR 800 Specific Discussion
    Hi everyone. I wonder how dipstick is designed to be inserted like this(1) or like that(2)? 1) 2)
  6. RZR 800 Specific Discussion
    Hi guys. Today I’ve found out that both of front wheels are screeching if I spin it on the lift by hand. This problem only acquired on front wheels. I wonder what can it be. See what is happening Thanks in advance for assistance
  7. RZR 800 Specific Discussion
    Hi guys. I’ve spent several hours attempting to remove the steering wheel. Tried pulling it in different planes with effort. Used hammer, hit many times. Nothing happened. Feels like smth is holding it but what can it be? Of course I took off the cap and the screw under it. Any advice how to...
  8. RZR 800 Specific Discussion
    Hi there. Does anybody know how to drain coolant from rzr 800 engine? Ig somewhere near the water pump the drain bolt must be located but where exactly? Btw do I have to bleed system after changing coolant?
  9. RZR 800 Specific Discussion
    Hi there. I’ve used TRW brakes cleaner(degreaser) to clean silencer on my rzr 800. Now I want to know is it 100% safe to clean silencer with brakes cleaner? Won’t it cause fire when silencer will become hot?
  10. RZR 800 Specific Discussion
    Hi everyone. I've found alternative coolant for some RZRs. Just want to make sure that it's 100% compatible with RZR 800 and I won't have any issues. Coolant name is DEX-COOL 50/50 PREMIX. Will it be a good choice?
  11. RZR 800 Specific Discussion
    Hi there. Noticed a leakage in brake master cylinder. Can master cylinder be repaired or the only option is new one? Is there any suitable brake cylinders? I am not going to buy original one as it's too expensive. I heard that master cylinder from Volkswagen can be suitable. But I don't know...
  12. RZR 800 Specific Discussion
    Hi everyone. Story of maintaining my RZR is at the very beginning. I have several major problems with it and I am going to create new threads and devote them to every new issue. Now about brakes. More precisely, the absence of brakes🙃. When I am pushing brake pedal nothing happens til it will...
  13. RZR 800 Specific Discussion
    Hello guys! I am going to fix my rzr 800 that stood peacefully in the garage for a couple of years. Need your help! Some years ago after extreme riding, regularly pushing the throttle pedal til the end, I recognised that level of oil got very low. Then I discovered that entire engine was...
  14. RZR 800 Specific Discussion
    Well I just bought my first SXS 08 RZR 800 w/ 4500 miles.. think I got a decent deal $4500 runs and drives .. after a hour or so of use and some inspection of the machine noticed some serious ticking sound coming from valve cover area .. and no air filter at all intake was caked in dust .. so I...
  15. RZR 800 Specific Discussion
    I just bought a 2011 rzr 800 with a blown engine. I put a new engine in from rev6. I also put in new spark plugs and new injectors. Also new air filter. I had it started and running fine after the engine was in. The next day I tried to start and it would only crank. I pulled the spark plug and...
  16. Parts For Sale - Midwest / Texas
    UTV Giant center bump seat for listed models. Footrest / console came out of RZR 570, but will fit others. $100 Fits: RZR 800 2008-2014 RZR-S 800 2009-2014 RZR XP 900 2011-2014 RZR 570 2012-2015 RZR-4 800 2010-2014 RZR XP4 900 2012-2014 https://www.utvgiant.com/rzcesebl.html Prefer local...
  17. Suspension
    I have a 2014 RZR 800XC and I was curious if there were any high clearance a arms available for it. Any help would be appreciated.
  18. RZR 800 Specific Discussion
    Hey guys, I've got an 08 RZR 800 that I can't figure out. It idles perfectly but any time you press the throttle it dies immediately (losing spark) I've put in a new battery, fuel pump, crank position sensor, fresh gas, cleaned the throttle body and still no go. It isn't throwing any check...
  19. RT PRO UTV
    Hello RZR Forums Members. We are having a huge sale on the RT Pro Spring kits. Save up to 30% off the complete spring kits, and get free standard shipping to the lower 48. **limited time only** CODE: RTSPRING20
  20. Engine and Drivetrain
    Hi, I have RZR800 and sometimes when i shift to H, all i see on the dashboard is "--". I understood that this is a Gear Position Selector issue. (or is it called Throttle Position Sensor? are those the same?) Now, i try to find it in the Polaris parts website (https://bit.ly/2CqDJpF), but i...
1-20 of 56 Results