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  1. RZR-S Specific Discussion
    Hi guys. I usually just lurk and find all the info I can. But this one has me stumped. Working on a 2011 rzr s. Motor needed to be rebuilt from rod bearing failure. Customer took the engine to the dealer and had it rebuilt. New internals from the crank up... new crank, new cylinder, pistons...
  2. Engine and Drivetrain
    ok guys i need some help and advice. working on my 2009 rzr s, i have been having problems with this thing for awhile ( ever since i purchased it 3 yrs ago). anyways my current problem being it wont start consistently. when it does start it seems to run fine but its getting it to start...
  3. Polaris RZR Parts For Sale
    HCR high doors. Fits 2011 and newer RZR 800 S and XP 900 Models Made from 1/8" aircraft aluminum has step/opening for easy in in or out doors are non opening. Brand new. Never installed. Stainless steel hardware. Powder coated red.
  4. Polaris RZRs For Sale
    http://www.rzrforums.net/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=14434&ppuser=7474[/IMG]2012 Polaris RZR 800 S $11,500 negotiable Winch, Aluminum roof, Rock Guards on the A arms, Doors, 3" 4 point seat belts, 1/2 Windshield,Cargo box, Back window, Inside mirror, Roof, cover, low miles. Could possible...
  5. RZR and UTV Video's
    Was our 1st trip out to Gator Run. Pretty awesome place to ride even though we drove away with some damage. Broken tierod on the Commander and a hole in the floor of my RZR. Hope the video embeds ok its not showing up in the preview.
  6. Engine and Drivetrain
    I have a 2010 rzr s that I've had since new. It's been awesome until the last couple trips. First I had the standard tranny failure due to the C-clip bending and then after getting all that fixed now it's my AWD. I searched the forum but can't find anyone with my same situation. At first the AWD...
  7. Polaris RZRs For Sale
    2013 RZR S LE- 51 hours / 434 miles. Polaris power steering- dealer installed prior to delivery Thunderhawk front lower/upper chassis braces Thunderhark frame tube set (6 peice) front/rear Thunderhawk Skid-Max Engine-Guard Skid Plate & Crossmember Package Factory UTV Ultimate 3/8" RZR...
  8. Polaris RZR Parts For Sale
    I have some parts from a 50" conversion i need to get rid or. I have the complete a-arm set, needs ball joints, $150.00, set of 50" sachs shocks with spring spacers on the rear ones, rubber bushings are bad, $100.00, have a set of super atv springs for an S off of their sport phantom shocks...
  9. Engine and Drivetrain
    Finding out for myself this thing had been put through water. I've replaced the crankshaft position sensor, damaged stator and flywheel, and the regulator. It is still acting like it's hitting the stutter box at 3000-3500pm knocking it down to about 2500-2850 then right back up to the 3000s. If...
  10. photo_310

    2015 rzr 900s debadged
  11. photo_29

    2015 rzr 900s debadged
  12. photo_115

    2015 rzr 900s debadged
  13. RZR-S Specific Discussion
    Have a 2010 RZR-S 800 with intermittent engine starting problem. Bought the machine used, and it was abused by previous owner; however, in spite of my upgrades and repairs, the problem before the repairs/upgrades still persists. The engine turns over, I have RPM's registering on the Tach, but...
  14. Polaris RZRs For Sale
    I have a 2010 rzr s 800 that has been serviced regular and is a very good machine. The only reason I am looking to trade is I bought this for my son and I am wanting to go with a newer machine that is stock with power steering so I feel safer with him on some of the trails that we ride. List...
  15. General RZR Discussion
    Just ordered a 3" lift 30" Black water evolutions dht outlaw axels and some itp 216 wheels. Looking forward to getting it on and taking it for a rip. Anyone else add 30"'s on there 4 800? I have the 900 front fender flares so I'm thinking I will have to move them back. But we will see what the...
  16. General RZR Discussion
    Which tires do you think would be the best? i do a good mix of mud and trail riding, mostly mud. I'm open to suggestions as well
  17. RZR-S Specific Discussion
    anyone have a good number to reach these guys? they are very hard to get on phone.. i bought front and rear forward arched a arms from them and i am having problem with passenger side rear. they sent me a new lower arm/i thought that was issue but was wrong. i took weekend off to ride and cant.i...
  18. General RZR Discussion
    Sup guys, i have 2013 rzr s and am looking to get some larger tires for my bike. I already installed a 2" lift on it so i already have that extra little bit of clearance. I'm stuck between 30" Black Mamba Lite, 30" silverbacks, 29.5" terminators, and 29.5" outlaw 2s. i really like the 30" black...
1-18 of 88 Results