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  1. RZR XP 900
    Hi All, I need help. Last season, my 2012 RZR 900 XP kept locking up when trying to start, would shut down when slowing down/breaking, and then ultimately was struggling to start. Ended up being a primary clutch issue. Ordered a new OEM Primary, got it installed using the video from Hunterworks...
  2. RZR XP 900
    I have a 2013 rzr 900 xp. Brand new optima red top battery, new starter relay, by passed brake switch, new terminal ends. I am at a complete loss. If you try to start with key it does nothing. If you hook up jump box it will start with key no problem, no hesitation and I can take cables off and...
  3. Polaris RZR Parts For Sale
    Brand New, Pro Armor brushed aluminum door panels w/cut outs for RZR 570, 800, 900 XP
  4. General RZR Discussion
    Cant believe Im having this much trouble selling this machine. makes me sick to go this cheap!! NO Trades! Need it GONE! FOR SALE 2014 RZR 900 XP Bought brand new at the end of May 2015. Is set up for cross country racing. -S3 race roll cage with extra bracing and fixed doors -S3 medium...
  5. Member Introductions
    I am a new member from Texas. I have a 2013 rzr 900 XP that won't start battery is good. I have replaced starter solenoid. When I turn the key to the on position All the lights on dash work etc. just won't crank. What could cause this? Thanks in advance.
  6. Wild Boar ATV Parts
    Wild Boar Xtreme Duty Front Bumper For The Polaris RZR 900 XP 11-Up $290 Free Shipping Wild Boar Xtreme Duty Front Bumper For The Polaris RZR 900xp 11-up - Wild Boar ATV Parts | Your source for ATV Parts, ATV Tires, ATV Wheels, ATV Radiator Relocation Kits, Axles, Snorkels and more Fits...
  7. General RZR Discussion
    Hey guys, I purchased an Ultra Shield racing seat for my RZR 900 XP. I bolted it to a stock seat base but I don't like the way it's done at all. Has anyone else bolted racing seats into a RZR 900 or have any input or help?? Thanks. BTW- this is an aluminum racing seat. NOT a suspension seat.
  8. Member Introductions
    Guys, I am looking for suspension KIT for my XP1K 2015. I went over all of the forums and there is a consensus on Reflex Beyond Extreme KIT. I am looking for that extra width without spending tons of money on new shocks and replacing the stock a-arms. My only care is reducing potential of roll...
  9. Polaris RZRs For Sale
    Here I have this 4 seater Sandrail im located in Colorado Springs, Colorado All details are in the posting Dune buggy
  10. RZR 900 Engine
    So yesterday I went riding and was beating on the rzr a little bit trying to get up a waterfall. Well I never really heard anything brake but now when going over 10 mph the steering and the front part of the bike feel hoorible feels like the bike is going to come apart. I took both front drive...
  11. My 2012 polaris ranger rzr 900 xp

    Some photos of my rzr
  12. General RZR Discussion
    Anyone make custom grills and sell them? or know anyone that does? :) Let me know, Please and Thanks
  13. RZR XP 900
    Riding this Saturday at St.Joe state park and ran into some oddness. Error code 168 with a 3 below it. Also blinking seatbelt light randomly. What is the process to check error codes after its been turned off? Thanks, Mike
  14. RZR XP 900
    About a week ago I purchased my first 2012 RZR 900XP and decided im going to race here in Indiana with IXCR and next year hop into some GNCC with a possibility of racing Ironman this year. My beginning purchases: 1. Fully built custom cage from "night krawler kustoms" (same as Hendershots...
  15. RZR XP 900
    Hey guys, Just finished installing some new products on my car over the weekend. Very stoked for the final product and couldn't be happier with the quality and fitment of the products. S3 Powersports, out of Shreveport, LA, builds one amazing cage. The cage I went with is a A and B Pillar that...
  16. RT PRO UTV
    We have our first run of XP arms coming in and we are introducing them at $1,100! Dealers are taking pre-orders now for the first run and it's going quick so get your orders in today! We are just getting them into production and are expecting the first kits to ship in 3-4 weeks. We're going to...
  17. NCY-Motorsports
    We have received our 2012 dating order from Polaris!!! Over 15 pallets of Polaris parts and accessories!! Call us with any questions, anytime!! Remember to ask for the forum member pricing, I promise you won't be let down! Thank for reading, Mike Gilstrap 760-432-9501 x104 800-225-1629 x104...
  18. RZR and UTV Video's
    Trying some of the little bit safer water shoots at spinreel.
1-19 of 22 Results