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  1. RZR XP 1000
    Hi I need tour help. I’ve two options to buy. A rzr1000xp 2019 with 2500miles for 16000 euros or a turbo s 2018 with 2800 miles 19000 euros both in good condition. What is tour advice wiorth the money diference ? It’s gonna be my first rzr and I wanna keep it for many years Wich one is the more...
  2. RZR XP 1000
    a question? which belt is better for rzr 1000 the original or Trinity
  3. Ride Command
    Looking for a 7 button ride command u it for my 22 rzr 1000
  4. General RZR Discussion
    Hello y’all I had a problem with the 65590 and 65592 code. The symptoms were that my rzr which is a 2016 1000 xp 4 was having some issues on cold start and was bringing those two codes up. First I thought that maybe my belt was causing the problem, but I changed it with a OEM and still the same...
  5. Polaris RZR Parts For Sale
    This is a OEM primary clutch for a 2014 XP1000 RZR. It has normal wear, It might need a rebuild soon but when I took it off the machine it worked great. It does have a EPI clutch kit, Which is the spring and weights. If you want to you can replace those with OEM stock ones. Sheaves are in good...
    $50 USD
  6. General RZR Discussion
    I'm having trouble Changing or updating the Ride Command seven-button BASE MAP on my RZR XP 2020 Premium with a 7 button 7" Ride Command display. The software is with jul/22 update. Download the "ORV_northern_south_america.mapdata" 21.5 Gb file, on the website (Polas Ride Command), then copy to...
  7. RZR XP 1000
    So I believe the ring gear is worn on the inside. The diff has been slipping under load and making an awful clicking noise. Everything else in the diff looks perfect, so I believe this is it. I’ve compared pictures of new diff’s to the picture of mine and it seems that the splines on the inside...
  8. RZR XP 1000 High Lifter Edition
    I have a 2016 rzr 1000 high lifter and out of nowhere last weekend it started running like crap so i thought it was my injectors but that wasn’t it so i then went to do a compression test and i got 180 in both cylinders but i did it twice just to make sure and then i got 130 in one and 180 in...
  9. RZR XP 1000
    So my front differential has been giving me some problems. First off the torsion spring went bad and 4wd would not engage. Replaced with the billet one and it fixed that problem. Now the problem I’m having is it feels like it’s slipping and making an awful popping/grinding noise. Brand new axles...
  10. RZR XP 1000
    I had washed my 2019 polaris rzr 1000xp and put it away later that day went on a trip half way through trip of back roads I had check engine light then limp mode with the code ETC Accelerator Position Sensor does this problem eventually go away or do I have to buy the pedal? Also wondering if...
  11. RZR XP 1000
    New here but I've gone through the forum looking for solutions but nothings worked. 2016 1000 turns over but wont start. Replaced fuel pump, spark plugs, coils, crank sensor. I'm at a lost. Fuses good, relays good. No sputter while cranking. I was out on the trails. The rear end got about a...
  12. RZR XP 1000
    I have a 2019 Polaris rzr xp4 1000. When I accelerate and run wide open it runs fine. When I let off the accelerator, it slams down too fast to low causing hard repetitive jerks. What’s the problem and any easy fix?
  13. RZR XP 1000 High Lifter Edition
    So my airbox is leaking around the seal. I got a new seal coming but in the mean time how deep can I go in water before having issues ?? Thanks
  14. Custom RZR Buggies and Builds
    Just curious to see if anyone has done a swap of putting either the 900 xp or the 1k xp trailing arms on the rear of a rzr 800. Thinking about attempting it I think it would be simple enough if I could get a good mount on the frame. Let me know any thoughts y'all have.
  15. General RZR Discussion
    Hello, I’ve got a 2018 xp1000 and was told the a arms were from a high lifter, i recently snapped the RF upper and need a replacement. Was curious if anyone knew if the turbos were the same as the highlighter as I can’t find highlighter arms.
  16. General RZR Discussion
    Hey guys so here’s the deal, I have an option at my local dealership of an in stock 2022 rzr 1000 xp sport. Or I can order the premium and they claim 6-12 weeks away. I want the premium but worried it won’t actually be 6-12 weeks and don’t want to be stuck waiting until June or July for it...
  17. Engine and Drivetrain
    Hi, I had a problem with my 2014 RZR 1000 XP EPS transmission yesterday and am looking for any help to diagnose. Before I begin, I know without pulling the side of the gearbox off it is really impossible to diagnose fully. I guess I am just curious if anybody has had this issue or is aware of...
  18. RZR XP Turbo
    Hello everyone I'm a SXS tech in Florida my good friend purchased a 16 rzr turbo been a decent sxs well shortly after he got it it started throwing the over boost code and we found the vacuum line for the fuel pressure regulator nipple had broke off so I just pugged the line for the time being...
  19. General RZR Discussion
    Went riding recently and have developed a slow leak coming from the gear selector switch. What seals this from leaking? The zip tie was on when I purchased it never noticed it till now. What would I need to buy and so to fix it?
1-19 of 244 Results