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  1. RZR Pro R
    What sort of rpm is normal for a stock Pro R at low elevation with stock diameter tires?
  2. RZR XP Turbo
    Hi, I have a question about engine revving. In idle is around 1100 which is fine, when I push it does 6x00 and this is fine in my eyes as well. The clutch engages around 2000 (little jerky if I may say) The thing is though that I hate when normally cruising around is revving between 4000 and...
  3. General RZR Discussion
    hi, hope that someone will help me/ i have an rzr 800 model 2010 that suddenly start Faltering and working on a low rpm between 700 and 900. i tried to replace: 1.the spart plug cable (the one that located on the inside of the engine) 2.replaced the tps (throttle posision sensor) 3.cleaned the...
  4. Starting Line Products
    Now Shipping! The new Magnum Force weight combines racetrack performance with quick and simple adjustability. It's secret lies in its unique shape and heavy heel design. These features translate into substantially greater shift force for improved acceleration and better grip on the belt...
  5. Starting Line Products
    Are you tired of changing out your driven clutch rollers? New SLP Rollers for RZR Tied Secondary Clutches are now available. These rollers are made of a very durable, self lubricating poly material that provides over 3 times longer roller life! Available for all RZR models using the TEAM Tied...
  6. Starting Line Products
    The wait is finally over! You guys have been very patiently waiting (and some not so patiently...) for us to get some clutch kits put together for the 2016 models with slider block driven clutches. We have finished up with our testing and will be getting some of the new parts for the stock on...
  7. Starting Line Products
    I know some of you guys have been waiting very patiently (and some not so patiently...) for us to get some clutches and clutch parts in. We just got a Truckload of parts in today, and we are now in stock on our clutching for all of our SLP clutch Kits. If you need replacement TEAM secondary...
  8. Starting Line Products
    Clutch kits are now back in stock for 2013-16 570 RZR models with factory EBS, all RZR 800, 2011-14 RZR XP 900, 2015 RZR 900 factory EBS models and RZR XP 1000 all years. Give us a call to order yours today!
  9. RZR 4 Specific Discussion
    2010 rzr 4 800 has 3000 miles on motor Full throttle and rpms never make it over 5800 Top speed 50-55. Could this be low compression or What any help or thoughts appreciated.
  10. Starting Line Products
    We are now shipping the SLP Clutch Kit for the 2015 1000 RZR. It includes a new spring and a TEAM Industries Rooster Weight set for the drive clutch along with a new helix and for the stock driven clutch as well as a driven spring on high-load models. The major benefits to this clutch kit...
  11. RZR 570 Specific Discussion
    what RPM range does your 570 run in? thought mine was high on the first ride. 3500 to 4500. this is my first Polaris and it felt like the breaks were on or something... when does the limiter kick in?
  12. Starting Line Products
    We have just finished up with our most recent project for the 570 RZR. Our performance Slip-on Muffler with low sound levels (same as stock), gives a better tone and sound quality and much better exhaust flow for increased performance. No Fuel Controller is required. Here is a link to our...
  13. Starting Line Products
    When Polaris first released their 900 RZR back in 2011, we were very impressed with the performance of the vehicle compared to the other vehicles available at that time. The extra width made the vehicle nice and stable, and the new engine had much better power than the 800. We quickly found that...
  14. Starting Line Products
    We have just released our newest SLP Clutch Kit designed for the 2015 900 RZR. It includes a new spring and TEAM Industries Rooster Weight set for the drive clutch along with a new helix and spring for the driven clutch for factory EBS Models. For models without factory EBS it will also include...
  15. RZR XP 1000
    DO NOT BUY A WARRANTY THROUGH RPMONE!!! Bought one a couple months ago because suspension front and rear said it was covered on the brochure. The Polaris dealer even said yes that suspension is covered. I thought that was great because of the issues with the first gen shocks. My XP1000 has...
  16. General RZR Discussion
    I went through a deep mudhole yesterday and when I was pulled out the RPM's would go up to 4500 and it would only go 5 mph. Anyone have any idea of what went wrong?
1-16 of 16 Results