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  1. General RZR Discussion
    I saw this light online Turbo S Hood WHITE LED Light Bar and wondered if anyone has ever tried one. I liked it for a few reasons. Seems like a very easy install, more discrete than a roof mounted light bar, won’t get hit by something like one on the roof might, likely won’t make a whistle sound...
  2. Assault Industries
    Already have Assault Industries billet B2 Bomber side mirrors? You can now add Baja Designs Squadron lights to them with our Nighthawk retrofit kit! Assault Industries and Baja Designs have teamed up to create a premium mirror lighting system with integrated Squadron LED lights to illuminate...
  3. RZR XP 4 900 Specific Discussion
    I have a 32 inch light bar that I took off my old truck. My question is, it should work on my 2017 4 900xp as long as I purchase brackets for a 32 inch light bar? Thanks for any advice
  4. Lighting, Stereo and Electrical
    Please, I’m begging you, don’t post “my EBay/Amazon/Walmart (Fill in blank) light is as good as (fill in another blank) for half the price”. We know. This is not that thread. This is ONLY how to buy a Totron. If you know of another authorized dealer we can all reasonably expect to be there...
  5. Baja Designs
    Introducing the Baja Designs LP6 !!! If you're attending SEMA come check out the LP6 (Booth 24325) details COMING SOON Baja Designs www.bajadesigns.com
  6. General RZR Discussion
    Hi all.. :) I have the following: * (2) LED Whip lights * (4) 6.5" LED Speaker Rings * (1) Whip Light Rocker Switch I currently have the Whip Light Rocker Switch installed in the dash of my '16 1000S. At current, I have the (2) LED Whip Lights on this and it works fine. I wanted to add...
  7. General RZR Discussion
    does anyone else make a mounting kit for LED cubes other than rigid? $280 is a bit insane for a couple of metal brackets in my opinion! Here is the link to the rigid kit: 2014-2016 Polaris RZR XP1000 Headlight Mount Black | Rigid Industries
  8. UTV Family
    Mob Armor cage mount cell phone holder. $140 and 28 Entries to win a RZR. FREE Shipping. Comes in 3 color options and 2 sizes for big and small phones. https://www.utvfamily.com/collections/mob-armor This will replace the Go Pro, and GPS This combo includes the following Cage...
  9. UTV Family
    I'm curious who has got entered into winning this RZR Giveaway or if anyone on here has. 20 days left and there is no risk to enter. Every $5 spent on our website gets you entered. Buy a $20.00 shirt and you get 4 entries. https://www.utvfamily.com/
  10. UTV Family
    We had the Giveaway RZR locked up this weekend. Soon it will have a new owner and be able to get out for the fun weekends. https://www.utvfamily.com/
  11. UTV Family
    We have 2 clothing lines. The main is UTV Family but than we have Country Boy Did Survive. Every Purchase from our website will get you entered into the RZR giveaway. If you buy 1 Country Boy Did Survive shirt for $20.00 than you will get 4 entries to win the Giveaway RZR Turbo. If you buy a...
  12. UTV Family
    Everyone bring out your UTV's and Meet us. This event will be from 4pm to 8pm or when everyone leaves on Saturday 7-9-2016. Address is 511 W Guadalupe Rd, Ste 1, Gilbert, Arizona 85233 On Facebook we have 33 confirmed coming. If you want to attend comment on this post so we can make sure we...
  13. UTV Family
    If you have never heard of a Cooler Commander its because they are New. I meet the owner and creator in Moab Utah for Rally On The Rocks. This is a cool Product and you will start to see them because they are selling once people see they have solved a big issue. So the Cooler Commander is a...
  14. UTV Family
    20 short days left If you have ever played the lottery and when you find out you didn't win you throw away your ticket. With the lottery yes there can be multiple winners but there are multiple people who don't win. With the RZR Giveaway we are doing at UTV Family There can only be 1 winner. So...
  15. UTV Family
    UTV Family is so thankful to have so many great sponsors. We were just going to be giving away a stock RZR Turbo and if all started with Andy from Hard Core Tuning finding out what I am doing and got in touch with us to see if he can sponsor a Tune. We have heard nothing but great things from...
  16. General RZR Discussion
    I've got a 900 S and like several people I upgraded to the OEM LED headlights from the XP1K. I bought mine used off of another forum member and they were pretty badly pitted and scuffed - which I knew ahead of time and he provided me with photos. However, they were $200 bucks which is a good...
  17. Polaris ACE General
    I've got an LED light to mount and bought the same 1.75 mounting bracket. Low and behold the crossmember is smaller. Does anybody know what size it is?
  18. SXSPerformance.com
    This is the best pricing you will see all year long.. All KC products on sale.. PM for pricing.. SL
1-20 of 86 Results