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  1. RZR XP Turbo EPS Dynamix Edition
    I have a 2018 rzr4 turbo dynamix. It has an aftermarket exhaust that I can no longer stand to listen to. Does anyone know if the stock muffler from a 2019 rzr turbo will mount up or if modifications will be needed? Don't really want to spend $700 on a new factory muffler and haven't been able to...
  2. RZR 800 Specific Discussion
    Well my story first, I live in northwest WI bought my rzr from my no good BIL from Minnesota last fall. Just kidding kind of! Busy time they were hard up so I bought it. Tried to ride on lake last winter within a mile took out the belt. Waited for that fix, ordered belt pretty easy change...
  3. RZR Pro-XP
    Has anyone installed the HMF titan quite series on their pro xp ? Is it quieter than stock? Or does anyone have any suggestions on getting their machine a little quieter? Thanks
  4. RZR XP Turbo
    I finally got to a project I have been wanting to do for a while. I like the idea of a selectable exhaust and this is what I came up with. Reversing polarity momentary rocker will be used to control it. Heres before and after sound: <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" title="YouTube video...
  5. RZR 800 Specific Discussion
    Hello all, 2012 800 I'm getting popping through my exhaust during acceleration at WOT and higher rpm. Also some power loss. Worse when engine is cold. Too rich? Thoughts? New fuel pump @ 50 psi New paper air filter cleaned TMAP clean spark arrestor in muffler
  6. RZR RS1
    I own a 2018 rzr rs1 and just ordered a intake and evo exhaust and need to know if I need to get a tune? Also what tuner should I consider? I'd rather not need to send in my ecu for a flash tune so I'm currently looking for a plug and play tune.
  7. Polaris RZR Parts For Sale
    1,500 takes the lot O.B.O. No trades, not selling individually, CASH ONLY Located in central CA 1 set of 2016 lime squeeze trailing arms 2017 turbo tie rods and 2016 xp tie rods 2 sets of xp 1k radius rods, 1 set of turbo radius rods Used 2016 lime squeeze upper and lower a arms, new set of...
  8. RZR Pro-XP
    I have Gibson exhaust on my 2016 xp turbo I just bought a XP pro and was wondering If it’s possible to swap my exhaust from the 16 to the 2020... any info appreciated
  9. RZR 800 Specific Discussion
    Trying to quite down my 2014. Would like to be able to talk to someone beside me with out shouting! have looked through the threads with no luck. any ideas?
  10. RZR XP Turbo S
    $100 off through 4/24/2019 or while supplies last. Link: https://bikemanperformance.com/utv/polaris/rzr-xp-turbo-17-up/bmp-2016-up-rzr-xp-turbo-slip-on-double-barrel-exhaust.html
  11. RZR XP 4 Turbo
    $100 off through 4/24/2019 or while supplies last. Link: https://bikemanperformance.com/utv/polaris/rzr-xp-turbo-17-up/bmp-2016-up-rzr-xp-turbo-slip-on-double-barrel-exhaust.html...
  12. RZR XP Turbo
    $100 off through 4/24/2019 or while supplies last. Link: https://bikemanperformance.com/utv/polaris/rzr-xp-turbo-17-up/bmp-2016-up-rzr-xp-turbo-slip-on-double-barrel-exhaust.html
  13. General RZR Discussion
    We are clearing out our discontinued double barrel mufflers for the General 1000. $300 off while supplies last. You can also combine this with our free shipping promo code "freeship100". We don't have many left, so get them while they last! Link...
  14. RZR XP 4 Turbo
    Hey all, I have a 2018 RZR turbo 1000 4seater with 32" Mongrel tires on 15" tusk beadlock rims. I run mostly desert with mud in low spots, higher speeds. I am looking to increase throttle response while maintaining some durability. I am looking at replacing stock exhaust and running a...
  15. RZR XP Turbo S
    A little history, I has a 2016 Polaris XP 1000 and we used to wear earplugs while riding the trails as it would get annoying after a while in stock form. I switched to a Cam-Am X3 and it was super quiet and loved it. We bought a family machine in 2019, the Polaris Turbo S 4 and it is pretty...
  16. RZR RS1
    The Polaris RZR® RS1 is available as a Dual Full System in the 4" Performance and 5" Titan Series. The Dual Full System picks up 4-5 horsepower at high RPMs and 2lb of torque at the wheels. The Titan-QS exhaust has an exhaust tone that's quieter than the stock muffler. The exhaust system also...
  17. Polaris RZR Parts For Sale
    I have a full Sparks setup along with Summers Brothers 300M axles. I used the Power commander 5 with Autotune so the tune would always be perfect. It is more expensive than the programmer used by Sparks but works much better. Everything is included. So close to $2000 worth of upgrades. The...
  18. Polaris RZR Parts For Sale
    FOR SALE Custom Stand Alone Intercooler for a 2016 Polaris RZR XP Turbo. This unit has been hardly used and is in great condition. This unit does not come with the lines, but does work with the stock electric pump. The stock XPT intercooler generally ranges from 150 - 180 degrees Fahrenheit...
  19. Polaris RZR Parts For Sale
    FOR SALE Sparks Performance X-6 Full System Stainless Steel Exhaust. This unit fits a 2016 XP Turbo. Used, but well taken care of. Does not have any dents and is in great condition. The mid pipe was wrapped previously, but no longer has the exhaust wrap on it. Comes with all the mounting...
1-19 of 104 Results