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  1. Accessory Relay/Fuse Box Build

    RZR XP Turbo S
    Now, I am not exactly a man of organization. But when it comes to any type of wiring, I crave organization and some tidiness. Here is the build of my accessory fuse/relay box that is all accessible from under the hood. The stock terminals under the hood are nice for most, but they were not...
  2. Adding Chase Light Bar?

    Lighting, Stereo and Electrical
    I want to add a chase light so my buddies don't fly into me at night or down a dusty trail. So I found a cool one then realized a couple things like... how will I make this work? Do I have a reverse light? (That's a big nope) So... Is it there or able to be tapped into? On the back of my 2019...
  3. Running wires to rear speaker pods on rollcage

    RZR XP 1000
    Any suggestions on how to run wires from my ride command to an amp and then to tower speakers that I'm mounting to the rear roll cage? Don't want to go under the vehicle, but would like to hide the wires for a clean look. Do I need the factory aux harness from Polaris? I have a 2017 Razor xp...
  4. mtx overhead unit connection sub amp help!!

    General RZR Discussion
    Hi i got xp turbo 2017 with mtx overhead audio pod and i need help. the over head unit output for sub amp have a strange connection and i need to conect it into rca input on the subwoofer amp someone know when i can find it and send link or know any solution for it please help .
  5. Need help in compiling shopping list for stereo/LEDs install

    Lighting, Stereo and Electrical
    Good day everyone. I am looking to compile a list of the things I will need to install a 30" light bar, 2 small LED pods, an LED light strip, and a stereo system comprised of 6 speakers, a subwoofer, and 2 amps. I mostly need help with the electrical wiring accessories for this install. I...
  6. Viper Elite Winch Install - Electrical - 2016 RZR S 900

    Lighting, Stereo and Electrical
    I just got finished installing the Viper Elite winch from MotoAlliance in my 2016 RZR S 900. I used the MotoAlliance mounting kit along with the extended wiring kit. I thought I would share some pictures and info from my installation as far as the electrical part is concerned. The installation...
  7. Electrical/ Starting issue

    RZR 800 Specific Discussion
    My 2014 800 EPS LE has twice failed to start. When the key is turned on the fuel pump comes up to pressure and the dash display boots up but when I turn the key to engage the starter.....nothing. No starter or solinoid sounds. The battery tests above specifications (600AH) and shows 12.7...
  8. Electrical help and info on an temp. Inverter

    Lighting, Stereo and Electrical
    First of all to answer a bunch of peoples questions...Yes, I searched google and read through tons on info but none of it really pertains to Rzr's so I would like your guys input. Here is my situation: Tonight, my business is participating in a local Christmas Parade. I am using my Rzr as...
  9. Fuse panel cover

    Lighting, Stereo and Electrical
    I was wondering if anyone has found a replacement fuse box cover for the rzr 1ks. I have a customer who needs one and Polaris wants us to order an entire harness in order to get a new one. I just can't justify spending 800 plus on a harness if I can find a cover separate. Thanks in advance.
  10. Rzr electrical problem !!HELP!!

    RZR-S Specific Discussion
    I have a 2012 rzr 800, took it out a week ago ran fine came home washed it kids rode in yard all was good.. Parked in garage few days later came out wont start... Thought we had it traced down to the ignition key switch since I was able to disconnect it and Hotwire it off harness.. Ordered new...
  11. 2012 Fuel Pump Connector

    Lighting, Stereo and Electrical
    Had a mishap working on my RZR. Need a new plug (Wire Harness) for the fuel pump/fuel gauge on the tank. Don't want to buy the whole harness. Anyone know where I can get just the plug? This is the connection that plugs into the top of the fuel tank. Thanks in advance.
  12. 2008 Rzr Electrical No Start / Power

    Engine and Drivetrain
    Posting in this thread as well :) ... Wondering if anyone has experienced this; stock 2008 800cc, was running decent but would stall from time to time. When trying to restart it would be completely dead, turn the key - no dash, no signs of life at all .. turning the key on/off a few times and it...
  13. 2008 Rzr 800 Electrical

    RZR 800 Specific Discussion
    Wondering if anyone has experienced this; stock 2008 800cc, was running decent but would stall from time to time. When trying to restart it would be completely dead, turn the key - no dash, no signs of life at all .. turning the key on/off a few times and it would finally start until one day ...
  14. Dual battery set up needed on xp1000?

    RZR XP 1000
    Hey guys, Sorry if there is another thread on this on here and I just haven't come across it yet but I had a question in regards to my need for a dual battery set up for my rzr or if stock should be ok or if I should just upgrade to a larger battery. I installed the MTX stereo my rzr and now...
  15. All electrical power gone after hitting skid plate on 800

    Lighting, Stereo and Electrical
    I've got an 08 rzr 800 with a stock suspension and full skid plate. Me and some of my buddies were out riding when I went to go over a rock, it hit my skidplate under the driver side and all power died. I've got no power at all, the display screen and everything wont work. The guy who was behind...
  16. 2011 rzr 800 electrical problems

    General RZR Discussion
    I have some problems with my 2011 rzr 800. The headlights and taillights quit working, the engine light is on, and the 4x4 doesn't engage. Has anyone had these probs at the same time? We have checked fuses. Thanks for any help.:camorzr:
  17. 2008 RZR 1700 miles Has a hickup??????Any insight

    RZR 800 Specific Discussion
    I just got this used RZR has 1700 miles on it.Starts and Runs I have put 200 miles on it. This Hickup happens at any speed> The RPM drop 200 to 300.It feels like it is a micro cut out. It does not die though. Sometimes it will happen 3 times in 5 miles sometimes it wont do it for 20 miles. Is...
  18. 08 Polaris rzr want start any of u gurus have a suggestion?

    General RZR Discussion
    Have a 2008 Polaris rzr. I took he rzr deep one day and later that day I was having starting issues but it eventually started and rode rest of the day. Each time I turned it off it was heck to get it started but would start eventually. I went out trail riding and when it would idle it would die...
  19. New RAZR Owner - Missing Headlight Switch

    General RZR Discussion
    So I just bought a 2009 RAZR today and low and behold when I get home and move the tag that was attached to the key, there is no lightswitch in the unit, just a hole where a lightswitch should be. I'm hoping the dealer can send me the switch so I can drive at night. Question: Does anyone know...
  20. HELP ME!!!!!

    Lighting, Stereo and Electrical
    :redrzr:Alright guys here it is, I have an 09 rzr and have all kinds of electrical issues but have eliminated alot of plug ins and what not. But here is the issue that i can't seem to line out. My Speedo has lost power i have chased the fuses and the jumper from the 20 amp fuses next to it and...