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General Information

RZR Basic
Plain Jane
1 APR 2010 - Tipped it over on the passenger side during test drive.

7 APR 2010 - Bought it and installed a street kit. (Horn, Rear view mirror, License plate light)

11 APR 2010 - Impressed myself with how fast an RZR is. WOW!
2010 Ranger RZR Basic (Green)


24 APR 2010 - Added Vic's Lighting LED turn signals, and indicator lights as I couldn't see the lights on the turn signal unit. Put them on either side of the instrument cluster.

14 MAY 2010 - Put in a relay and breaker for the add ons. Ran the power to the fuse box. Used fuse terminals I found at Waytek Inc. 31068 to make it look stock. Delphi part # 12129409. Modding required on terminals.

Installed a helmet hook.

Dome and interior lighting.

Lighted custom dash.

Seat covers.

Shift lock.
1 APR 2010 - Tipped it over on the passenger side during test drive. So it has a few scratches. Glad they are mine. Straightened the bracket to get the plastic off the exhaust.

10 APR 2010 - Installed, without putting holes in the RZR bed, two small Action Packers for less than a $100. Great to lock helmets and gear in.

21 APR 2010 - Added Vic's Lighting LED turn signals. While I was at it, a third LED back up, tail, brake, left and right turn light was added. Getting the brake little to work right was a trick. Ended up using a four terminal relay. This way when the brake lights ground out, the relay powers on the brake light portion. Back up light is on a simple rocker switch. The reflector stickers front and back were replaced with Grote' 3 LED lights. Used two junction boxes to keep the installation clean looking.

22 APR 2010 - Added Rock Sliders. Hey, protection is an investment.

23 APR 2010 - Added a Moose sport roof. Looks great. Added a second set of clamps to hold the front down. Just used my side mirror clamps.

23 APR 2010 - Added a tinted half-windshield.

29 APR 2010 - Added front pre-runner. Installed 3" Burners for a touch more light. Finished installing Vic's Lighting LED turn signal kit.

30 APR 2010 - Added rear pre-runner. Installed white led back up lights. Attached the license plate with light.

1 MAY 2010 - Added some sexy light blue wheel wells to help keep my feet drier when not off-roading.

There is a drip edge on the top now. Got tired of water from the Moose storage area running down my back.

Added some reflectors all the way around. Pictured is the Polaris work.

Added a hood box. Got my boxes back for helmets.

Over fenders do a great job of keeping the mud off me.

Added another set of the Optronics Burners for a total of four.

Put anti-skid tape on the rock sliders to make a better step surface.
Don't really want one. Driving it is enough entertainment for me.
Wheel and Tire
No longer stock rims and tires. Now it is 14" Nukes with some hard surface rubber. Got some serious meats on it now.



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