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RZR4 Robby Gordan edition
Not being able to find exactly what I wanted online and the availability sometimes or just the 'look' never suited me; so I took a combination of what and how I wanted my ride to look and feel and customized myself (to some degree). i.e. I couldn't see spending $350 on a light rack I didn't like the look of anyway, and IF we roll it, well, no rack is stopping glass and casing from shattering + the rack itself! I used horizontal mounts to create a custom 4 light mounting system with components from Rocky Mountain Products. $10 each + shipping and I spent $50 + the cost of the light and harness KIT (don't be afraid to modify and create your own). After the Sand Expo Super Show in Costa Mesa, I finally found vendors catering to the RZR4 line. (they still have a ways to go.)

Still not finding the right front skid plates I bought the EMP for the RZR4 and custom fabricated, reducing the front height and using the stock plate I modified for a more custom look.
2010 Polaris RZR4 Robby Gordan edition (Blue-White)


Trinity Exhaust (single) with split header and EFI control. CVT Clutch KIT.
Custom foam roll-wraps, aux lighting switch in dash
(more to come) like the 3 seat rear and custom front seats.

EMP has a great 1/2 windsheild (tinted) with 'quick' connects as part of the kit. But I needed to do some customizing to the plex in order to get the windsheild to 'seat' tighter on the hood. Also the clamps provided really didn't take into consideration the 'welds' on the roll bar itself so getting the clamp to go on lower than designed; I needed to bend the clamp slightly. I am modifying the EMP connectors to the same horizontal mounts I used for the lights (once I receive my order from Rocky Mountain)....stay tuned.
Front and rear pre-runner brush guards, PIAA lighting, custom mod 4 light rack, 2" custom billet wheel spacers, EMP custom fab A-Arm skid plating.

There are too many side mirrors to choose from and again like the expensive light racks, I am not too crazy to spend $160 on mirrors....so I am using the same Rocky Mountain horizontal mounts and using very reasonable priced mirrors. They break and I am not dropping $60 each to replace.

Next I am customizing a RZR back support roll cage and modifying along with the factory roll cage. Not for security purposes but for spare tire mounting (stay tuned).
Not sure I need to right now, with the 2" wheel spacers I widen the width by 4" overall, feels great takes the foot print a little wider (out past your shoulders).

Chasis 'Bones' for frame stability beyond Polaris stock.
Wheel and Tire
GBC Grim Reaper 26 x 12 x 12 radial.



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