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  • Empire Industries ·
    Hey It's Eric previously whith White Knuckle Racing.I am currently with Dasa Racing but I also own Empire Industries which I would like to start advertising my company on here. Could you please send me some advertising options.Thanks, Eric
    myz477 ·
    Well I dont have that kind of market for a clutch set up that wont work or that wont work on a rzr with the covers dale told me to get my money back and buy the righy stuff that I need I rather just do that if thats possible
    Caldor ·
    Hey Im from South Dakota and noticed there is no place my State in the regional forums. Also none for ND,WY and Montana. Is this on purpose? Or is it included in one of the groups but just not listed.
    Pirate ·
    I downloaded the 2009 Polaris RZR parts manual from the forum. After being frustrated with trying to find things...I sat down this afternoon and typed up an index. Its a "Word" document. What is the best way for me to make it available to anyone that wuold like to have it?


    Stuart Phelps aka Rooster5488
    Hey Mr. 4nines! How r u doing sir? I have yet to receive my member packet with my sticker lol. Not a real big problem but, it is my free sticker ya know. Thank you Mr. 4nines sticker getter for RZR 4 ROCKSTAR sir. :)
    Joesrhinos ·
    Hi, I already got into trouble - I posted my ph#...(I think thats why) im kinda new to the forum thing, not trying to pull a fast one. when you get a chance could you please let me know what you require to be a vendor or advertise etc. I have been selling a ton of OFR Kits to RZR owners and I would like to stay in better contact with some of them. Thank you, Joe.
    Flyboy ·
    Hello again,
    Hope all is well. Seems I deleted our conversations accidentally. Any chance you could send me our info on Pikes peak tires again?

    Having a hell of a time finding the right tires/ wheels. All the atv utv rims i have found are not DOT approved and I need to find them so I can protect my ass for street use.

    This is the toughest part of this vehicle so far.

    Ever get any feedback on an EFX moto grip tire? Diesel rims. They say they are smooth running but they look like they have pretty big lugs.

    Thanks for you help.... again.

    Flyboy ·
    Still trying to reach you about your Pikes Peak Razor tire setup. Need something similar and am having issues trying to find rim/tire combo.

    Your reply would help me out.

    Flyboy ·
    Hey there, one of the members sent me your way. He sent me a picture of your rzr I think. Had car looking tires on it, chrome wheels, black? Hope I have the right guy.

    Anyway, I have a polaris ranger and I am using it as a camera vehicle. Trying to find a good tire wheel combo that will work on the street, carry the correct loads, ride smooth and handle. Will have camera operators, steadicams, and robotic heads on this thing.

    If that was your vehicle, what tire / rim size are you using? What brand and model tire.

    Any and all help would be appreciated. Thanks.
    shanek62 ·
    Would you please delete account shanek62 for me please. I tried to find somewhere I could unsubscribe but had no luck. email me with instructions if needed.
    shortbed ·
    Hi New guy here, am trying to find an address to send a MO to for a RZR Forums whip flag as I don't use p pal. Thanks in advance. Gordy
    Bent Motorsports ·
    Is there a way to delete a profile? Or is it something you have to do for me? I apologise for not understanding the rules of the forum and would like to remove my profile. Thanks
    Rhino Eater ·
    HEY how handles the premium membership?
    I think I screwed up with the ship to?
    Living in a small town we have PO Box were we HAVE to go get our mail...
    But UPS and such does come to the house?
    How does the sticker ship? if postal it needs to go to my POB not my home address...

    Can you help with this?

    Lonnie Stefan
    PO Box 1781
    6007 Mill Rd.
    Wrightwood, CA. 92397
    Rhino Eater ·
    Hello and Good morning from Wrightwood, CA. looks like we are going to be sending some weather your way just in time for the weekend! Talk of possible snow here? PLEASE!

    Anyways I just sign up a preimere supporter i guess is what your calling it? Just to support the cause not sure why I had not before? anyways I was looking for a RZRForums whip flag and did not see it? I like to fly the flag to on the RZR for the up and coming King of the Hammers event! Where can i buy one!
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